Our founding library of Sleek body sculpting workouts available to view below on your chosen device. For LIVE CLASSES head to our NEW LIVE CLASS BOOKING PAGE

Full Body

88 videos
Target every muscle group for an all over Sleek ballerina body

Upper Body

20 videos
Create beautiful, lean muscles in your arms, shoulders and back

Lower Body

29 videos
Work your calves, thighs and glutes for a toned, tight lower body


29 videos
Firm, tone and strengthen your core for a beautifully defined midsection


17 videos
Workouts to raise your heart rate, burn fat and streamline your body

Catch ups

208 videos
Missed your favourite live class? Get it on Catch Up! Filmed live as they happen sweat and all, here is where you will find a selection of our latest live classes refreshed regularly.