Dancer Blast Series - Reset and Re-Energise


New Dancer Blast Series - Reset and Re-Energise. Find the remaining classes in the Core, Lower Body and Cardio sections below.

There are times when life leaves us feeling like we need a reset. Get ready to gear up your body and engage with a stronger, fitter, more confident you with this Dancer Blast series, Reset and Re Energise. This powerful 4 workout series combines the precision of dance technique with low impact, compound exercises for your core and lower body and high-intensity cardio bursts. Each under 20 minute workout is designed to transform your physical strength and mental energy inside and out, leaving you feeling ready to take on life. Prepare to work up a sweat and get that muscle-shaking burn with five total-body Sleek classes that target your abs, arms, back, hips, glutes, and legs and endurance — there’s nothing we’ll miss. You’ll finish each workout feeling stronger, more defined, confident and energised.

So grab your mat and water and let's do this together.

Flik x

Workout 1 - Mat Abs: Resist and Define
Reset your body and your endurance levels with this short, intense, low impact mat workout. You’ll test your whole body with both intense and controlled movements including resistance work, rotational arabesque movements and fluid plank sequences for total torso definition

Workout 2 - Cardio Abs: Sweat to Reset
The sequel to the mat. Cardio work mixed with full core tightening exercises that reflect what we work on down on the mat for the ultimate dancer strong conditioning

Workout 3 - Dancer Blast Bite
Squeeze in this 5 minute workout anywhere, anytime. A short, simple centre practice to raise your heart rate and tone your lower body.

Workout 4 - Classical Cardio - Rise
Dance, fly, and sweat with us in under 20 mins. with bonus split stretch. The ultimate calorie burner in express form. You physical and mental endurance will be challenged but you'll finish with a stronger more confident and inspired you

Suggested 7 Day Rotation. Try to listen to your body - you can repeat this rotation for up to 3 weeks to make a 21 Day program

Day 1
Workout 1 - Total Time 12 minutes

Day 2
Workout 2 - Total Time 20 minutes

Day 3
Workouts 1 and 3 - Total Time 17 minutes

Day 4
Workouts 2 and 3 - Total Time 25 Minutes

Day 5
Workout 4 - Total time 18 minutes

Day 6
Workouts 1 and 4 - Total time 30 minutes

Day 7

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