Sleek Every'Body' 14 Day Program


Every‘Body’ can feel the benefit from Sleek with this 14 day Beginner to Advanced Full Body Program that will sculpt your body and build strength from the ground up. Whatever your starting level, prepare to feel stronger and more confident after each workout! Flik x

3 targeted body areas, lower body, upper body, core
Pre-programmed for your ease
Accessible to all
Building in intensity
Individual workouts under 25 minutes
Follow the daily steps below:

Days 1 Set Your Intention. Establish beautiful posture, form and technique for a strong spine and refined arms with this steady paced class.
Ballerina Back & Arms - Total 15 MINS

Day 2 Lift, Tighten and Tone. Sculpted, supple legs with a lifted booty. Improve mobility and flexibility and push the pace a little harder.
Perfect Pro Legs - Total 22 MINS

Day 3 Dynamic Core. Max paced mat and centre work to burn fat while you chisel out your abs
Dancer Refined Abs - Total 22 MINS

Day 4 Combine to Define. Two workouts for high impact upper and lower body results.
Ballerina Back and Arms followed by Perfect Pro Legs
Total 37 MINS

Day 5 Optimum Core. Now you know the workout, challenge yourself to work that little bit harder.
Dancer Refined Abs - Total 22 MINS

Day 6 Full Body for Every'Body'.
Combine BBA, PPL and DRA for total body Sleek training.
Total 57 MINS

Day 7 Rest or Relax

Repeat this program again for a 14 day program that will strengthen and define, lengthen and tone!
Flik x

Once purchased your Sleek video is yours to watch as often as you wish for 90 days.

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